Apps to keep you safe during your travel

Apps to keep you safe during your travel

Adventurers like emotion, uncertainty, and sometimes also, risk. However, even though we love to do extreme sports, go to unfamiliar places and not entirely safe situations, we tend to be very rigorous with our safety parameters, and why not? A parachutist takes risks, but he wouldn’t jump without knowing that all your equipment is working perfectly, would he?  That’s how it works.

To these security parameters, (as well as any other aspect of our life) came the technology. No App can guarantee you 100% security, but you will have a useful ally at the time of any setback.



StaySafe is a GPS tracking app that will send text or email to your emergency contacts with your exact location if you haven’t checked in safely after socializing, working, or traveling alone. It’s available for iOs and Android and you can download it here.

Official State Department App is the official State Department app for U.S. travelers. It contains useful information about various countries, weather forecasts, maps, travel alerts, location of embassies and other information that will be useful when you travel.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention has an app called TravWell App that will help you during the planning of your trip, has information about the most important vaccines to take into account depending on the country where you are going, a list of what you need in preparation for your trip, and a customizable list of health items in your luggage. You’ll also be able to save your documents, set up alerts to take your medications and keep track of your medications.

TravelSafe pro is an app with useful information about the country you visit, including information about embassies, security alerts, emergency numbers, and location-sensitive emergency service databases. With this tool, you will have contact with the police, hospitals, ambulances, your family or partner at your fingertips.



ICE is an app designed to cover your back in the event of a setback. In its database you can store information about your medical conditions, contact with your trusted doctor, allergies, information from your insurance company and other useful data, which can be accessed even if your phone is blocked.


These apps are really valuable when you’re on the road, whether you’re alone, with your family, friends or on a romantic getaway. Nevertheless, no App can replace an emergency roadside kit, with a safety triangle, vests, light flash,  tow strap, and jumper cables, all these you can find in the Auto Roadside Emergency Essentials Kit, and if you want some safety tips to check your car before you even leave, check this article.

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