What’s the difference in the “bundled” over standard?

The bundled bring the digital pressure gauge, the standard don’t.

Is there a tool to get out of car if traped?

Yes there is. It cuts the seatbelts & breaks windows. Keep it in the glovebox or door space.

Does this have a first aid kit?

Our roadside car kit doesn’t bring a First Aid Kit.

What does it mean when it says The air compressor is upgradable to 300 psi? How do I do that?

When we indicated in the product description “free upgraded to 300 PSI W/IMPROVED FLOW RATE”, we are explaining that our compressor used to be 250 PSI and we improved it to 300 PSI. The majority of the Roadside Car Kits brings 250 PSI compressors, when you have a 300 PSI you have a better flow Rate. Thank you for your question!

How many feet comes with the jumper cables?

The length of Jumper Cables is 10 ft each (from clamp to clamp) and they’re 8 AWG (thickness).

Is this kit for a truck or a car?

It’s a generic kit that can be used with any brand either car or pick up truck. It comes with all essentials items to solve basic emergency problems on the road, however for more daily use we recommend our heavy duty compressor kit (two Cylinders Compressor), which is very fast 85 LPM, especially for trucks and during the winter time.

Lighter or matches?

Our kit brings one hand-cranked Led Flashlight and two emergency light sticks. Thank you for your interest in our product.