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Essential car tools for road and travel emergencies

Blikzone® specializes in high-quality products for your safety on the road while traveling. Helps to solve different emergency issues on the way. Repair your vehicle with all the necessary tools that our kits provide, such as an air compressor, jumper cables, tow strap, rechargeable headlamp, and much more.

Blikzone Products

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NEW Roadside Emergency Car Kit 82pc - Unboxing

  • Got a flat tire or pressure low?

    Powerful tire air compressor with digital LED screen with four measures: PSI, KPA, BAR, and Kg/cm. Very resistant and easy to use, made of metal with a hand-free operation and automatic shut off.

  • How to jump start a car?

    Jump-start your car with ease using our Jumper Cables! With heavy-duty clamps and the right gauge copper wire, these cables will have you back on the road in no time. Don't get stranded, be prepared with our jumper cables.

  • Reflective Warning Triangle

    Stay visible and safe on the road with our Reflective Warning Triangle! This compact, easy-to-use triangle will alert other drivers of your presence in case of an emergency or breakdown, helping you to stay safe in any situation.

  • Emergency tow strap

    Get out of a tight spot with our tow strap! It's a reliable and durable solution for vehicle recovery and towing in emergency situations. Whether you're stuck in mud, sand or snow, our tow strap will help you get back on the road quickly and safely.

  • Puncture repair kit

    Be ready for any flat tire emergency with our tire repair kit! Our kit includes everything you need to fix a flat tire and get you back on the road quickly. Don't get stranded, be prepared!

  • Car circuit tester pen

    Diagnose car electrical issues with ease using our car circuit tester pen! This compact and easy-to-use tool helps you to quickly identify and fix electrical problems, saving you time and money. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our car circuit tester pen.

LED Rechargeable Headlamp - How it Works

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