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Auto Roadside Emergency Car Kit + Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Auto Roadside Emergency Car Kit + Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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Our Classic Heavy Duty Carry bag, brings all the impressive 82 essential tools and supplies, but also includes a Digital Pressure Gauge designed to check your tire pressure often and maintain the correct tire pressure. This Kit comes with just about every emergency and safety items you could possibly need for unexpected breakdowns in one bag and to perform the following functions:

✅WARN & SAFETY : Reflective Warning Triangle, Reflective Safety Vest, 2 Emergency Light Sticks, Whistle with lanyard, Hand Crank Flash Light Lamp, 2 Emergency Rain Ponchos, Emergency Mylar Blanket.

✅JUMP-START: Heavy Duty Jumper cables kit (10 Ft, #8 Gauge, 300A). Others car care kits containing thinner cables (10 or 12 Gauge) that melted when used in most midsize or bigger cars.

✅TOW: Heavy Duty, 10 Ft 10,000 Lb. (5 Ton) Capacity, Tow Strap with steel hooks.

✅INFLATE: PORTABLE COMPACT POWERFUL AIR COMPRESSOR (25 LPM), 12VDC with LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY: This HEAVY-DUTY small compressor will save you time and manual labor, it can INFLATE IN SECONDS car, bike, motorbikes tires and others inflatables. Made with TOP PERFORMANCE durable METAL CORE PARTS.

✅DIAGNOSE: Circuit Tester Pen 12VDC with 10 assorted auto fuses, include additional minibox with 8 additional assorted auto fuses.

✅FIX & REPAIRS: Electrical Tape, Tire Repair Kit with tools and rubber plugs (7 pcs), Folding Multi-Tool w/9 piece accessories, pair of Working gloves, 2 Pairs disposable Nitrile Globes, Utility Duct Tape, 30 Cable Zip Ties (6” & 10” sizes), 2 bungee Cords (24” long).

✅ESCAPE/RESCUE: Emergency Escape Safety Hammer/Seat Belt Cutter to Keep in a place next to driver’s location.

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