10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Car Emergency Kit

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Car Emergency Kit

Whether you are a seasoned driver or a new car owner, you might already have an emergency car kit stashed away in the back of your trunk. Who doesn’t, anyway? With the promise to save you from sticky situations and keep repair costs at bay, car emergency kits prove their worth as an essential item for every car owner. 

But even as you use these kits to repair your car during roadside emergencies, that’s not all that they can do. Several items in conventional emergency kits can double as regular repair equipment, and help you maintain your car’s condition and health in an optimal manner. 

To help you make sure that your automotive equipment isn’t collecting dust, here are 10 tips to make the most out of your car emergency kit. 

1. Turn to the Air Compressor for Optimal Tire Pressure

Advanced car emergency kits come with portable air compressors that also have a  tire pressure gauge in them. While these compressors are meant to inflate a tire in emergency situations, that’s not all that they do.

Using the air compressor in your emergency kit, you can maintain optimal air pressure in all of your tires – including your spare. This makes sure that you never run into the issue of deflated tires out of poor maintenance. 

The activity only takes a few minutes out of your weekly schedule, but it prevents you from running into larger problems. 


2. Use the Air Compressor As an Autobody Maintenance Tool

The air compressor in your emergency kit can also double as an autobody maintenance equipment. 

Depending upon the type of air compressor you have, you can use it as a blow cleaning device; a spray painting apparatus; or sandblasting equipment. As a result, you can use this single tool for a variety of different applications.

This multipurpose device alone lets you obtain maximum advantage of your car kit. But the benefits of your handy assortment of emergency tools don’t end at this equipment. 

3. Make Use of Basic Tools

Even the most basic of emergency kits come with a set of essential tools. These include but are not limited to screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and wire cutters. These tools are essential for most roadside repairs and need to be in your car kit at all times

Additionally, if you don’t have a toolkit at home or if it deems insufficient for a repair or renovation need, then you can use these tools from your car emergency kit as a substitute. With the most basic equipment already in place, it saves you from a run down the hardware store.

Just make sure that you place the tools back in your car, so you don’t feel stranded in case you run into an emergency on the road.


4. Patch Things Up With Tape Supply

Electric tape, PVC tape, or duct tape often makes for an essential part of car emergency kits. This multipurpose item is mostly used to do quick auto repairs, but it can also be utilized in everyday situations around your home. 

Whether you are doing electrical work or fixing a plumbing problem, you can turn to your emergency car kit to quickly finish your task. 

However, as mentioned above, make it a point to replenish the item as soon as you get a chance to do so. This way, you will always have these supplies handy when you encounter a roadside emergency situation.


5. Turn to Find Light in Dark Times

Flashlight is another common item in car emergency kits. With the need to be able to look around your car’s nook and crannies especially at night, it is a highly useful accessory to have in your car. 

But in case your power goes out at home and if you can’t find another source of light, then you can turn to your emergency car kit for a quick source of light. 

Since most car kits come with extra flashlight batteries, you don’t have to worry about the flashlight’s battery dying on you with just a few minutes of use. However, if your car kit doesn’t come with a flashlight or extra batteries, it is a good practice to purchase them on your own.

6. Get Some Power for Your Devices

Advanced car emergency kits also come with a portable cellphone charger that allows you to get some much needed power while you are away from home. 

However, there’s no restriction on using it only in emergency situations. 

Keeping this in mind, you can use this portable charger whenever your phone is running out of juice. Some kits come with chargers that are powerful enough to fast-charge your phone within minutes. If you invest into such an equipment, it’s going to be worth it.

7. Believe in the Power of Jumper Cables

Jumper cables or booster cables are considered a crucial equipment of emergency car kits. It is because they can help you in seemingly hopeless situations and breathe new life into your car when it refuses to start at all.

Of course, it is not the panacea for all automotive problems, but it is mostly effective in resolving car issues that arise out of a dead battery. 

Most car kits already include this equipment. But if for some reason your kit doesn’t, make sure that you make a separate purchase to make the most out of having a car kit in your trunk.



8. Use the First Aid Equipment Whenever Required

Most emergency car kits come with their own first aid supplies. This is for a very good reason, since emergencies are not just limited to a broken battery or a car that’s stuck in a ditch.

This means that if you have run into a road accident or if you have cut your skin while doing repairs on your car, you can immediately turn to your emergency kit for first aid. 

With disinfectants, painkillers, ointment and bandages, you have everything you need to to take care of minor cuts, abrasions, and injuries while you wait to get professional medical help. 

9. Take Directions From Navigation Equipment

Using paper maps and compasses seems like an age-old way of finding your destination. But it is highly effective whenever you are stuck in a remote area that doesn’t have the infrastructure to power your phone or GPS. 

With this in mind, make sure that you buy specific paper maps for the area you are about to drive through. 

This ensures that you are able to find your way through unknown roads even when your digital devices cannot.  Alternatively, you can build your own cell tower.

10. Don’t Forget the Reflective Gear

Another component in various car kits is the reflective and safety gear. Some car owners ignore this equipment. But it is highly essential in keeping you safe from larger harm on the road, while also assisting you in getting help when you need it.

Most equipment in this safety gear is limited to safety vests or triangles that can warn other drivers about your presence. But some kits also come with especially developed signs that say “Help” or something similar in order to attract the attention of passing cars. 

Using this equipment to warn other drives about your stationary car is helpful at night time. This is especially true when you need the assistance of another car to jump-start or tow your vehicle. 

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