Car Emergency Kit for New Driver

Car Emergency Kit for New Driver

If you have recently bought your very first car, then you may have been bombarded by your friends and family to buy a car emergency kit.

Conversely, they might not have spoken of this matter at all. Remember that it is something that you must think about and act on to be a responsible new driver. While it may seem like an added expense on top of your new wheels, it is an essential and unavoidable investment that keeps you and your car safe in the long run. 

But before you buy an emergency car kit, it is crucial to learn more about the function of this important accessory. Not understanding the complete usage of a car kit doesn’t only limit you from using its complete breadth of features, but also keeps you from making an informed decision during the purchase process. 

To ensure that you can walk this fine line with ease, here’s all you need to know about getting a car emergency kit as a new driver or car owner.



What Does a Car Emergency Kit Do?

At its core, a car emergency kit is a collection of different tools that are meant to help you through automotive emergencies. But an emergency kit isn’t just limited to tending to your car during uncertain times. It is also designed to help your human needs during the stressful situation. 

This means that a car emergency kit is not just a collection of repair tools, but a wide collection of items that help you with a holistic approach. This is why, whenever you are about to select a car emergency kit, you need to make sure that you are going with an option that keeps both your car and your personal needs in mind. 


What Kind of Items Does an Emergency Kit Include?

Car emergency kits include a variety of items, but not all of them are the same. It is crucial that you know which items are the most essential, so you can be self-sufficient with your new car on the road. 

With this approach, let’s look at the essential items that are included in reliable car emergency kits. 

Basic Tools

You need basic tools to move around the framework and the other structure of your car. This set of items allows you to do that through tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, grippers and electric tape. It is usually included in all high quality car emergency kits.

Jump Starter Cables or Kit

Sometimes, your car’s battery may go dead or may not start due to a number of reasons. These cables allow you to start a dead battery using another car. If you get a jump starter kit, you can start your battery all by yourself and don’t need to rely on another automobile. 



Tow Ropes or Cables 

There are times when your car is unable to start at all and needs to be towed. Instead of having to pay roadside assistance a huge amount of money, you can use these tow ropes or cables to have your car towed easily. This is also helpful in situations where your car is stuck in a ditch or a large pothole and cannot get out without another automotive’s help.


Tire Changing Kit

Any emergency kit is incomplete without including some level of support for the tiresome yet crucial task of changing your tires. Items such as a lug wheel and jack can be pretty helpful in this particular instance. In case you are dealing with a punctured tire and do not have a spare, you can also use vulcanized tire plugs to fix the issue without having to call for additional help. 



Portable Air Compressor 

Even when you don’t have to change a tire altogether, you sometimes need to inflate or maintain an optimal level of air in your tires. This is especially troublesome when you are driving through remote areas and can’t find a mechanic or gas station. But it is equally frustrating when you are in a hurry within busy streets and can’t afford to wait to get external help. Having a portable air compressor allows you to take care of this issue in an easy manner, all by yourself. You no longer have to call for roadside assistance, or tug your car from one place to another just to get some air in your tires.


Safety Gear

Your car may not always breakdown near a flowery field on a sunny day. It could just do so on a cold and dark highway in the dead of the night. In order to be prepared, it is essential that you have some safety gear in your car at all times. A car emergency kit includes items such as a flashlight with spare batteries, reflective safety vest, triangle reflectors, plates and beacons. This ensures your safety by telling other drivers where you and your car are located. It also increases your chances of getting help if you want it. 


First Aid Supplies

You may not think of keeping first aid supplies in your car, right until you need them. Essential items such as band-aids, cotton bandages, sterile gloves, tweezers, pain killers, and temporary plasters are highly crucial in unforeseen situations. This is why some car emergency kits include these essential items. This makes it easier for you to get these important supplies, and keep them in one place for optimal access. Otherwise, you can pick up a basic one for $2 or $3 at any pharmacy. 


How Much Will an Emergency Kit Cost?

A reliable car emergency kit with these essential items may cost you upwards of $100. Since safety kits are put together by multiple vendors, you have the flexibility to choose between an array of products. 

With online shopping, getting the perfect emergency kit is easier than ever. But it is important that you go with renowned brands and highly-reviewed items in order to make sure that you are not blowing your money away on poor quality kits.

As long as you make your purchase through a reliable vendor that houses all essential items in their kits, you can ensure to maintain an optimal level of safety during your drive on the road. It is a purchase that you will not regret as it will help you to prepare for the time that you do need it. Remember that it is better to have the emergency kit in your possession than to want to have it but lack access to it.

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