Family road trip: some useful info to handle it

Family road trip: some useful info to handle it

Few things will create such strong bonds between your family as a road trip. embarking your entire family on an adventure to an unknown place may sound like a lot of work, but with proper planning, you’ll enjoy an experience like no other in your family will keep all your life. it’s essential that you’re well aware that this won’t be a regular trip and that many things will have a different tone, especially if you have young children because they will require even more attention than usual. These are some things that will help you better plan this journey.

Make your itinerary based on short journeys: if you have small children, it is certain that at some point in the journey they will get bored, and after the first stage of boredom possibly only comes irritation, stress and bad mood, product of tiredness, that on the one hand, on the other hand, to be driving and also attentive to all the details and care that require the smallest, your energy will not last so long, then it is convenient that you stop to rest more often than usual.

Bring entertainment: Although it is possible that you are incredibly funny, and nobody is doubting it, being locked in a car for many hours does not allow many activities, and if you already sang, saw the landscape, told jokes and told all the cars that passed, and basically covered all. If you bring toys, letters, or some other type of entertainment, it will relieve a little those moments in which boredom has already taken hold of everyone. 



Try to adapt the schedules: for a child is important to maintain their habits, and get out of the routine too much, especially of food and sleep, maybe can alter or irritate it, try to be all ready to eat at the same times as usual and sleep and wake up with the same routine, to avoid tantrums and tense situations.

Make sure you have a complete first aid kit: it sounds logical, but sometimes we can forget how difficult it is to find pharmacies on the road and how useful it is to have all the essential medicines on hand, in this aspect it is better not to skimp or doubt whether to carry it or not. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.



Keep your Blikzone road kit handy: no one traveling has any inconvenience in mind, but prevention will make you feel much safer and more confident, having the right tools ready to solve any setback, whether you need to recharge your battery, fill the air in your tires or check that everything is OK.

Quality vs. quantity: it’s possible that the place you’re going to have many attractions and places to visit and with emotion want to go to everyone, but remember that the logistics of bringing kids involves a little more tasks and programming, so while they may be able to visit all the sites, they may not enjoy as much, because they are rushing all the time. Plan days of walks and more relaxed visits, appreciate the streets of the city where you are visiting, or take a deep breath of the mountain air and enjoy those moments with your loved ones, those will be the memories that will treasure more.

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