Reasons why you’ll appreciate having a small air compressor

Reasons why you’ll appreciate having a small air compressor

It is possible, if you travel frequently, that you are quite selective with the tools you carry because everything must have its usefulness at every moment of your trip. The air compressors are very versatile devices that will help you to carry out tasks that require a great effort and time to accomplish.

This machine has been designed to take air from the environment (although it can also work with gas, depending on the use that will be given), this air will be stored and compressed in a tank and can be given different uses.

These are some of the advantages of having an air compressor, and why you will never want to leave it.

Multiple Uses

An air compressor has many different uses, it will be your ally when it comes to replenishing the air in your car or bicycle tires, if you are camping, inflating air mattresses, inflatable boats, balls, and sports equipment, you will save a lot of time and energy to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.



Simple to use

Another advantage you’ll love about a small air compressor is how incredibly easy they are to use, made to be practical, easy to handle and so that no matter what your level of experience you can safely perform your tasks with just a few steps to set up.

Compact and lightweight

Every traveler understands the value of carrying light luggage, manufactured for heavy duty use; the Blikzone single Cylinder Compressor is assembled with improved and robust 12VDC motor core and internal heavy-duty metal parts (crankcase, stainless steel piston, high temp resistance piston’s ring).


Hands Free Operation and precise Inflation (+/- 0.5 psi). NO more guessing: Always

AUTOMATICALLY and safety inflate your goods at the right pressure! This also removes the need to keep checking the pressure and avoids over or under inflation.

Incredibly Versatile

This high quality portable tire inflator comes equipped with a heavy duty 10-ft cord, cord adaptor w/battery clamps; a rugged, 3-foot heavy duty and heat resistant leader rubber hose with brass-metal twist-connect nozzle for extended length and usability, assuring that it will work in all vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs or RVs).

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