Tips for surviving a road trip and not going crazy

Tips for surviving a road trip and not going crazy

Indisputably, to venture for the road has a certain kind of magic that few will be able to explain, if you add a familiar or couple venture, you will have an unforgettable experience. Nevertheless, you must bear in mind, that when adventuring to the unknown for many consecutive days it will represent many changes in your normal routine, and you will have to adapt to the fact that you will practically live in your car.

Here are some tips to keep you from going crazy on a long trip.


Make an itinerary of stops: it is very important that you take breaks to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom and rest for a while from the road. also in these breaks, you can check that everything is under control with the operation of your car, and any safety check you need.

Prepare a good playlist that everyone likes: if the route is too long, you won’t take long to get bored and in these cases, a good playlist can save you from the madness.

Rest if you need to: if someone needs to make a stop and rest (even if he’s not driving) try to do it, as traveling in these conditions will only generate more tension and bad mood.



Travel with boots or thick-soled shoes: in the unfortunate event that your car breaks down and you must walk to get help, you’ll appreciate wearing sturdy, comfortable shoes.


Buy an extra phone charger and keep it in your glove compartment: a very long trip will increase the chances of you forgetting it at one of the stops and you’ll be very grateful to have a spare one.


Make your reservations before you leave: this will save you the hassle of having to search for a place on the go and after having driven for many hours.


Make sure your Assistance Kit is in order: no one leaves on a trip thinking they’ll be in an accident, but in the event your battery runs out of charge, you need to make some mechanical adjustments or even tow your car, you’ll appreciate having a safety triangle,Jumper Cables, Bungee Cord and a good flashlight.

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