Roadside Emergency Kit for Trucks

Roadside Emergency Kit for Trucks

Whether you drive a pickup truck or a commercial truck, having a roadside emergency kit is an essential component to have on your trips.

As its name suggests, the kit comes handy in terms of emergency situations, and helps you fix common roadside issues without calling for external help. 

Since a truck’s emergency repairs demand a more targeted approach than that of a typical car, your roadside emergency kit has to be in line with those requirements. A run-of-the-mill roadside kit proves ineffective at times of need. Whereas, flashier emergency kits are more adept at making a dent in your bank account than actually helping you out.

That’s why, the key to buying a roadside emergency kit for trucks is to strike the perfect balance between functionality and affordability. But what does that entail? How can you strike the perfect balance in both of these crucial regards? Thankfully, this comprehensive guide will show that finding an optimal emergency kit isn’t difficult when you know what you are doing. 



What are the Essential Tools in a Roadside Emergency Kit for Trucks?

First and foremost, you need to learn what type of tools absolutely need to be present in your roadside emergency kit. The following list will help you keep on top of this requirement. 

For your ease and overall convenience, we have arranged each equipment segment separately. This makes it simpler for you to understand the kind of items you need in each category.

Emergency Auto Repair Equipment

  • Jumper Cables or Jump Starter Kit
  • Tow Ropes or Cables
  • Lug Wrench and Jack
  • Tire Plugs
  • Air Compressor

You can find this type of equipment in various roadside emergency tool kits. Some tools such as the air compressor are not typically available, but it’s essential to find options that include them

Why is this so? 

In many instances, people find that they are not able to access the item or tool that would have helped them out the most. 

Paying more attention to each and every single aspect of your roadside emergency kit for trucks is one thing that will keep you safe from being stranded on highways where help isn’t immediately reachable. This is even more true for trucks as they are usually driven across long strips of land and different types of terrain that may pass through low density populations.

What else do you need to have to be prepared for future roadside issues? Why, basic equipment of course.

Basic Equipment

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Grips
  • Wrench
  • Wire Cutters
  • Duct Tape/Electric Tape
  • Pocket Knife

You can easily find this equipment in a pre-arranged kit that also has additional tools in it. You will be glad to know that this will not be a major pain to source. It is also a part of most roadside emergency kits.

Safety Equipment

  • Safety Vest
  • Triangle Reflectors
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Poncho
  • Car Charger
  • First Aid Kit

The safety equipment is a big part of any emergency roadside kit. It helps you stay safe while also allowing you to provide first aid for common issues.


How Much Does a Roadside Emergency Kit for Trucks Cost?

As with many things in life, you will find that this is a more nuanced answer.  Why? The cost will depend upon the type of roadside emergency kit that you are buying. If you purchase a starter kit that only has basic tools and equipment, the price could start from around $35. If you are going for a high quality kit with more advanced tools, then you may need to spend upwards of $100

A typical roadside emergency kit with all the basic essentials in place can cost you an average of $50. These types of kits have all important components such as basic tools, auto repair equipment, and first aid supplies. Remember that this is a low cost to prepare for events that are quite likely to happen on the road. Investing this money upfront will help you feel prepared and weather any potential storms that are sure to arrive when out on those long stretches of road.



What are the Best Roadside Emergency Kits for Trucks?

Since roadside emergency kits are essential for trucks, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

The following roadside emergency kits excel in providing the required solutions according to their respective price point.


BLIKZONE 82 Piece Emergency Kit – $145.97

Upgrading to the most advanced level, this kit provides you with all the high quality essentials you need on the roadside for your truck. It also comes with a 7-piece tire repair kit along with a portable air compressor. Blikzone’s compressor stands out from the rest because it’s digital and has an auto shut-off function.


What Type of Roadside Emergency Kit Should You Select for Your Truck?

The answer to this question will depend upon your current buying budget. If you have the budget, then you should go with the highest quality option that also offers the most advanced tools. But if you are running low on current funds, then you should at least have basic emergency tools that will help you get out of a difficult situation. 

As long as you keep your specific needs and budget in mind, you will be able to select a roadside emergency kit that’s the best fit for you and your truck. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to discuss your needs us, we will give you all the answers you need and allow you to make an informed decision in the long run.

To check out Blinkzone’s available products, visit our online store. For more info, check out our blog.





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