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Auto Roadside Emergency Car Kit - Aqua

Auto Roadside Emergency Car Kit - Aqua

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THIS CAR EMERGENCY KIT HAS 81 UNIQUE CAR SUPPLIES packed in a Beautiful Aquamarine and Black carry case to perform all the most commons emergencies on the road: 

✅WARN & SAFETY : Reflective Warning Triangle, Reflective Safety Vest, 2 Emergency Light Sticks, Whistle with lanyard, Hand Crank Flash Light Lamp, 2 Emergency Rain Ponchos, Emergency Mylar Blanket.

✅JUMP-START: Heavy Duty Jumper cables kit (10 Ft, #8 Gauge, 300A). Others car care kits containing thinner cables (10 or 12 Gauge) that melted when used in most midsize or bigger cars.

✅TOW: Heavy Duty, 10 Ft 10,000 Lb. (5 Ton) Capacity, Tow Strap with steel hooks.

✅INFLATE:  Portable Digital Mini Air Compressor w/Gauge, Flow Rate 25 LPM, 12VDC adapter to the Cigarette Outlet and battery clamps to be powered by vehicle's battery. 

✅DIAGNOSE: Circuit Tester Pen 12VDC with 10 assorted auto fuses, include additional minibox with 8 additional assorted auto fuses.

✅FIX & REPAIRS: Electrical Tape, Tire Repair Kit with tools and rubber plugs (7 pcs), Folding Multi-Tool w/9 piece accessories, pair of Working gloves, 2 Pairs disposable Nitrile Globes, Utility Duct Tape, 30 Cable Zip Ties (6” & 10” sizes), 2 bungee Cords (24” long).

✅ESCAPE/RESCUE: Emergency Escape Safety Hammer/Seat Belt Cutter to Keep in a place next to driver’s location.

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